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life under this roof of espresso

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I feel like updating this community that currently consists of only me. If no one wants to join I'll have a party all by myself. :p

New seasonal offering at starbucks is Creme Brulee. Per usual it comes as a frappucinno, latte or an iced drink. All with cream ofcourse and creme brulee powder. mmm. well, verdict: I like the frap but not a big fan of the latte or the iced latte. I always describe it to customers as a fusion of caramel and white chocolate mocha. People either feel intrigued or revolted. Mainly good reactions though.

Personally, I hate having to make so much cream all the time but it's a nice new Xmas seasonal. Perhaps it'll be a permanent one day if popular enough.

Any one with any thoughts?

Also, I thought it goes well with the (honey) gingerbread man or something similar.

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Had a little dinner party tonight and it began with a espresso and biscotti. I finally got to test out my (now not so freshly ground) decafe komodo dragon that I ground at 2.5 points. I always feel that the grind for espresso set on the retail grinder is a bit too coarse for my liking. I guess it's done so that you can't over-extract the shot, but an under-extracted shot below 13seconds is just as bad.

Anyhow. The decafe was quite nice. Before everyone arrived I got an 18 sec shot which was yummy. I dipped the fresh biscotti I got from Ralf (Canberra's best Italian baker) into the shot and was rewarded with amazingly creamy cremma that was more than I expected of a decafe. Alex and I later tried a few more as well as some latte art. I'll have to find out how to post pics on lj so that I can put a few up.


Coffee: Decafe Komodo
Grind: 2.5
Method: Espresso

Notes: A meduim bodied shot with a rich, creamy cremma and low acidity. You can still feel a tangy taste in the espresso that characterises the Komodo in my mind. It's got a richer body in the espresso and compliments milk well, creating a very enjoyable latte. I can imagine that it would work really well if made into a picallo. I'll have to grind some a bit finer this week to try it. Also great with pistachio biscottis. I felt it was a bit smokier as an espresso shot but I'll have to do it as an espresso tasting next time.

Conclusion: A blend that is well suited to espresso, enjoyable solo with a biscotti or with steamed milk.
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Well, this is yet another first post of another community created on live journal :p

I hope that we can have lots of good, clean conversations about coffee, espresso, starbucks and whatever else :p

now that i've finished being serious i'll begin by inviting anyone reading to perhaps say what is their favourite drink at starbucks and any favourite coffee bean blends? (and perhaps join this community ;) )

I am currently a Grande Skim Caramel Mocha with no cream drinker and I have to say i'm fond of the Colombia blend when using the french press. I like the komodo dragon too though. :)

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